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About us- We are a Cooperative.

LaTechCraft isn't your typical company. We ditched the hierarchy and boardroom battles for a refreshing model: the cooperative. Here, every member is a captain, steering the ship alongside their fellow tech buccaneers. We share ownership, share profits, and most importantly, share the passion for crafting exceptional software.

Most of us met while working for a US enterprise known for amazing UX. Since our employer was facing business challenges and to reduce costs decided to close the most productive branch of the company, we took the things in our hands. The LaTechCraft was born.

Now, with our cooperative firmly established, the real journey begins. Unburdened by corporate constraints, we have the fertile ground to cultivate the software dreams we've always nurtured. Decisions driven by quality, not quotas, fuel our engines. Timelines that prioritize efficiency, not bureaucracy, pave our path. We are artisans of the digital age, not cogs in a machine, and our canvas is limitless. Welcome to the next chapter, where speed and quality dance hand-in-hand, and every pixel pulses with the passion of creators unbound.

Our Mission

Building enduringly simple software, fueled by the collective grit of passionate developers and unwavering dedication to truth, that empowers users and elevates lives.

  • Simplicity: Prioritizing clarity, elegance, and user-friendliness in every line of code.
  • Hard work: Embracing a culture of dedication, perseverance, and continuous learning.
  • Culture of truth: Valuing transparency, honesty, and open communication to build trust and foster innovation.
  • Empowering users: Creating software that enhances people's lives, simplifies tasks, and unlocks their potential.
  • Elevated lives: Striving to make a positive impact on the world through our software and collective efforts.

Our Vision

To be the world's most trusted software collective, renowned for creating beautifully simple, enduring solutions that inspire and empower, built on a bedrock of unwavering truth and collaborative spirit.

  • World's most trusted: Earning the highest level of respect and reliability through our work and values.
  • Beautifully simple: Crafting software that is not only functional but also elegant and delightful to use.
  • Enduring solutions: Building software that stands the test of time and remains relevant and valuable.
  • Inspire and empower: Motivating users with our software and inspiring them to achieve more.
  • Bedrock of truth: Maintaining unwavering commitment to transparency and intellectual honesty.
  • Collaborative spirit: Thriving on the collective energy and ideas of our diverse team.