LaTechCraft Product- Tech Team Augmentation.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Providing on-demand talent for your project.
  • Furnishing the technical tools to manage the team.
  • Handling payrolls, taxes and insurances.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Managing the project and the team.
  • Providing the project requirements and overseeing execution.


  • Effortless involvement, just meet the minimal hours defined for each role.


  • Billing occurs in monthly cycles, reflecting both our pricing and the actual hours worked (mutually agreed upon).
  • We may require a deposit in some cases to cover the next billing cycle.

Forget complex hiring processes and the hard to start approach of traditional agencies. This approach cuts through the red tape, offering a refreshingly simple solution. You focus on driving your project forward, while we handle everything else. We source your perfect talent and ensure all administrative burdens are seamlessly taken care of. It's like having a secret weapon behind the scenes, silently ensuring your project's success with minimal effort on your part. No more headaches, just pure, streamlined progress.

Ready to ditch the project management circus and experience effortless results? Let's chat! Schedule your free consultation call where we'll tailor a perfect on-demand team to seamlessly boost your project, all while we handle the nitty-gritty. We'll analyze your needs, assess project scope and timing, and craft a dream team to fit your budget. This no-pressure call is your gateway to streamlined success – just one conversation away!

This product is not a Managed Service. You can learn more about the differences between managed services and staff augmentation in this article.