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Frequently Asked Questions by candidates and our memebers.- What sets LTC apart from the typical employer?

We ditch the hierarchy and embrace a cooperative model grounded in transparency and fair play. This means you, the developer, are not just an employee, but an owner and a voice shaping our journey. Dive into the FAQs below and learn how this translates to meaningful work, empowered decision-making, and shared success for everyone involved.

Topics & Questions.

Membership and Benefits

How does your "cooperative" model work?

Our developers are not employees, but cooperative members who share ownership and profits. This fosters dedication and ensures fair compensation.

What are the benefits of joining LTC Cooperative?

  • Fair & transparent compensation based on your hourly rate.
  • Ownership and a voice in decision-making.
  • Collaborative atmosphere and freedom to choose projects.
  • Continuous learning and skill development opportunities.

Will I benefit financially from other members' work?

While you won't directly share profits generated by specific projects, you do benefit from the collective success of the cooperative in several ways:

  • Reduced operational costs: The 25% contribution from each member's hourly rate goes towards common expenses like marketing and team building. This keeps individual project rates competitive and ultimately benefits everyone.
  • Shared resources and support: You gain access to resources like training opportunities, shared workspaces, and collaborative knowledge sharing, all funded by the cooperative's pool.
  • Stronger reputation and client base: The success of individual members builds the cooperative's overall reputation and attracts larger, more lucrative projects. This opens up more opportunities for everyone.
While direct profit sharing based on individual projects may not exist, the cooperative model ensures members benefit from each other's contributions through shared resources, a stronger platform, and collective growth.

Is LTC Cooperative covering my insurance and offers other benefits?

While we don't currently offer traditional group insurance coverage, we do provide valuable benefits for full-time members:

  • Training and development: We invest in your growth through skill-sharing workshops, conferences, and access to online resources.
  • Flexible benefits: You can choose to allocate a portion of your earnings towards personalized benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, or professional development opportunities.
  • Collaborative environment: We foster a supportive and community-oriented culture where you can learn from peers and contribute to our collective success.
Remember, LTC offers an alternative model to traditional employment structures. We prioritize individual flexibility and empowerment, allowing you to tailor your benefits package to your specific needs and aspirations.

Is there a guarantee of work when I'm accepted member?

While we can't guarantee a continuous stream of work, we actively support securing projects for our members in several ways:

  • Long-term client partnerships: We prioritize building lasting relationships with clients, often involving projects exceeding 12 months – considerably longer than typical notice periods. This fosters stability and predictability for engaged members.
  • Skill matching and project matching: We have a dedicated system to match your skills and interests to suitable projects. We also encourage continuous skill development through training and learning resources, increasing your project opportunities.
  • Limited membership: By actively managing the number of members, we ensure a fair distribution of project opportunities and minimize the risk of downtime between projects.
Essentially, we strive to create an environment where you have the best chance to secure rewarding work that aligns with your aspirations. While job security in the traditional sense may differ, we prioritize your development and success within the cooperative framework.

Can I become a member and get enaged in other work?

Absolutely! We believe in fostering well-rounded developers and encourage members to pursue diverse opportunities. Whether it's freelance work, personal projects, or even side gigs, we support your passion and growth beyond LTC.
However, maintaining clear communication is key. We kindly request you keep your availability and current work commitments updated in the LTC platform. This transparency ensures fair project allocation and helps us support your career journey at every step.

Is there anything else you're curious about that we haven't addressed? Email us!